Recreational Gymnastics Training That Gets Results

Improve strength, move better and have fun learning and progressing with new skills!

From kids to adults, we have built a culture, structure, program and pathway that helps all our members get amazing results! Our experienced and passionate coaching team, do a great job in balancing the values of Modbod (getting stronger, moving better and progression) with a fun and safe learning environment.

What We Offer at Modbod

Modbod offers a large variety of gymnastics and strength related programs for both kids and adults. We are a family gym and there is something for everyone in your family.

From our Pre-school programs (22mths to 5 years) to our primary school programs (5-12 years), and from our Teens program (12-17 years) to our Adult programs, we have you absolutely covered!

Click on one of our programs below to find out more.

Kids Programs

Structured classes designed to help your child build the strength, mobility and skill of a gymnast (without the competition pressures), that will ultimately help improve their gross motor skills, body awareness, confidence and set them up for life!! Our kids programs are a combination of gymnastics, strength training and tumbling, with classes offered from as young as 22 months of age to 14 years.

Adult Programs

Our adult classes have adopted the perfect mix of functional and gymnastics strength related exercises. There is a large focus on improving core strength, mobility and bodyweight focused exercises (coupled with good technique) that ultimately helps you move better, get stronger, improve body awareness and reduce pain. Once the foundations are in place, it opens the door to our really fun skills based classes.

Teens Program

Our Teens program is the perfect program for high school kids (aged 12-17 years) to begin building strength foundations the right way! We have a strong focus on core, mobility and bodyweight strength exercises before moving across to specific weighted exercises (subject to technique). Our coaches are right on top of technique and discipline in these classes. This program has been a great pathway for our kids that have moved from primary to high school and looking to keep up their strength and stay healthy.

What Our Members Say


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