Discover Modbod

We pride ourselves on not only providing top level training, but also in creating a supportive and motivating environment. A family. The moment you arrive at your first class you will find a community of like-minded people of all ages and body types, committed to working hard and achieving lasting fitness results. We love our people and we love what we do – and that shows on the gym floor.

People First. Fitness Follows.

Our goal is to first get you to move the way you’re supposed to move (by building a body that’s strong, bulletproof and has all the necessary pre-requisites), and then progress you along the path of opportunities. We facilitate all this by offering a variety of different classes and programs that are tailored to your current strength and fitness levels, coupled with experienced and professional coaching. Our unique programs (for both adults and kids) help lay the foundations required to build a clear linear progression path to more intense workouts and skill training. We have an awesome community of people that are like minded, support each other and great for welcoming newbies into the class.

Our Values

We’re committed to

Help, motivate and encourage you to do your best, by supporting each step of your journey.


We love what we do, always coach at our best and continue to learn and self-improve.

Adding Client Value

Quality coaching, attention for detail, well thought out programs and good participant to coach ratio. We aim to provide a positive experience to everyone that comes to class.


Strive to ensure all participants show improvement and progress over time. Every session is an opportunity to help participants get closer to achieving their strength, fitness and specific skill goals.


Family friendly community where like-minded people come together to train. All members respect, help and support each other, creating the amazing positive environment we have today.

Tailored Fitness Programs

Our Get Stronger and Mobility classes are the perfect place to start for all newbies and inclusive for everyone (regardless of experiences and current strength levels). We will educate you the way forward!

Meet the Modbod Coaching Team

Professional Fitness Coach Cromer

Ben Wood

Director and Head Coach

Ben started the business back in mid-2016, with the aim of using the last 25+ years of gymnastics knowledge and experience (17 of those being a coach) to help adults and kids achieve specific goals as it pertains to strength, mobility, fitness and specific skill work. The training and experience Ben has across both the fitness industry and gymnastics world, has been evident through great client results and importantly, the creation of an amazing community of people. Ben holds qualifications in FRC (Functional Range Conditioning), Kinstretch ™, Advanced Gymnastics coaching accreditation and CERT III in Fitness.

Jennifer Bels


Jen grew up on the Northern Beaches and started dancing at Valerie Smith Stage School since she was 8 years old learning numerous styles. In 2017 Jennifer became a Certified Acrobatic Arts Teacher. She has completed exams in JCDA jazz, FATD tap and FATD modern. Jennifer has also competed in many competitions for jazz, contemporary, lyrical, musical theatre, tap, and hip hop. She started teaching in 2003 and owes Valerie Smith for all that she has learned. Jennifer works at numerous schools and dance studios around Sydney. Teaching numerous styles as well as strength and conditioning and acro. She is inspired daily by all the dancers and students around her. Jennifer first joined ModBod as a member before quickly joining the coaching team to help leverage off her knowledge, experience, and passion for being a coach and helping others. Jen is also an Accredited Gymnastics Coach (under Gymnastics Australia)

Annalyse Graham


Annalyse grew up on the Northern Beaches training and competing as a gymnast most of her life. Annalyse competed at the highest level in Women’s Gymnastics – successfully reaching Level 10. Annalyse is a great asset to our Under 5’s, Gymnastics Fun and Acro and Tumbling classes. She holds a Gymnastics Australia Coaching Accreditation and currently a third year university student.

Juliette Stevenson


Juliette grew up on the Northern Beaches training mostly as a dancer, although has been coaching gymnastics for over 6 years now (her brother was a competitive gymnast for many years). Juliette is a great asset to our Under 5’s, Gymnastics Fun, Gymnastics Skills and Acro and Tumbling classes. She holds an Advanced Gymnastics Australia Coaching Accreditation and has plenty of energy and passion in helping kids learn new skills and progress. Juliette is also undertaking university studies.

Allie Reilly

Director and Head Coach

Allie also grew up on the Northern Beaches and spent alot of childhood training gymnastics and cheer in particular. Allie brings plenty of knowledge as it pertains to tumbling, and has been one of our promising junior coaches here at Modbod. Allie also holds a coaching accreditation with Gymnastics Australia.

Will Stevenson


Will is another up and coming junior coach who was a competitive gymnast for many years (coached by Head Coach Ben Wood for many of those) and now currently training in Cheer. Will brings plenty of knowledge across (especially for our boys gymnastics programs), having been a gymnast most of his life. Will is also an accredited coach with Gymnastics Australia.

Jess Burns


Jess grew up on the Northern Beaches and trained as a competitive gymnast for many years. Jess predominately helps us out for birthday parties and school holiday workshops, and helps us out with the term classes when she’s not at University or other staff fall ill. Jess also holds a coaching accreditation with Gymnastics Australia.

Emma Ludowici


Emma has been around for a while, and great to have her services when she’s not tied up with her busy university schedule. Emma was a top level gymnast for many years, so it’s great to utilise her knowledge and experience when she’s on the floor either covering classes or helping us out when we need it.

Nick Dudley


Nick is a great addition to the team, providing a burst of positive energy and passion to the gym. Nick has taught both recreational and competitive gymnastics for several years now (across different gyms), and also currently coaches specific adult gymnastics classes. It’s great to have Nick’s diversity of knowledge and experience across both our Kids and Adult based programs. Nick also holds an Advanced Gymnastics Accreditation (Via Gymnastics Australia).