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The Free Trial Class option is only offered to those trialing one of our Adult or Teen based programs. We have a different system for our Kids Classes.


Offered only to our Adult & Teens Program.

Our Values

We’re committed to

Help, motivate & encourage you to do your best, by supporting each step of your journey.


We love what we do, always coach at our best and continue to learn and self-improve.

Adding Client Value

Quality coaching, attention for detail, well thought out programs and good participant to coach ratio. We aim to provide a positive experience to everyone that comes to class.


Strive to ensure all participants show improvement & progress over time. Every session is an opportunity to help participants get closer to achieving their strength, fitness & specific skill goals.


Family friendly community where like-minded people come together to train. All members respect, help and support each other, creating the amazing positive environment we have today.

Tailored Fitness Programs

Our Get Stronger & Mobility classes are the perfect place to start for all newbies and inclusive for everyone (regardless of experiences and current strength levels). We will educate you the way forward!

Client Testimonials

I’ve Been doing this programme for a few years now and can say I’m the fittest and strongest I’ve been, especially as I have a bad back. The focus on good technique by Ben leads to an outcome of feeling great physiologically all over, which is rewarding as you get older!

Craig Wotherspoon

A Excellent class that combines great strength exercises for building muscle and later followed by a conditioning workout that really gets the heart rate up with a whole range of different exercises.

Jack Hawkins

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