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What is Modbod Teens?

Modbod Teens is the perfect program for Teenage kids (11-16 year olds) to begin building strength, mobility & fitness – the right way!

The variety of classes we have on offer, coupled with our experienced coaching team, helps provide your Teen with a solid foundation and sets them up for life!

Don’t forget that as your Teenage child begins to grow into their adult body, now is the time to teach them correct technique, fix their posture, ensure they’re using the correct muscles in their body when exercising, get them moving better (through improved core strength & mobility) and help make them feel more confident about their bodies. We all know how tough those teenager years can be for many (particularly nowadays when everyone’s on social media). Encouraging teens to step away from the games/screen time and get them working towards achieving specific goals in the gym can be very rewarding!

Modbod Teens Classes (11-16 Year Olds)

Teens Strength Development Class

About: A well structured 60-minute strength program designed to get your Teen stronger, build lean muscle mass and help them move better. We’ve adopted the perfect mix of body weight & weighted strength exercises (combined with mobility, pre-hab & core exercises) to best provide our Teens with unique programming that gets results! This is a great starting point for all Teens as it allows them to spend the necessary time to work on these all-important foundations (with good technique), before progressing onto more challenging exercises & workouts.

Strength & Conditioning Class

About: This 60-minute class covers all areas of fitness (strength training & HIIT) in the one class! There’s still a strong focus on strength building & mobility, however we now introduce conditioning style workouts (in the second half of the program) that’s designed to help improve your Teens muscular endurance, metabolic conditioning and overall fitness levels! These classes will certainly get your Teen feeling stronger and focused on good technique, but also get their heart rate up, muscles pumping and body feeling sweaty! Teens will expect to see a combination of bodyweight & weighted exercises programmed across all workouts.

Strength Program Structure:

The strength component across all classes remains largely focused on bodyweight strength exercises, although we slowly introduce weighted exercises (so long as technique and the basic foundations are in place).

Our preference is for Teens to have a good foundation in bodyweight exercises (i.e working towards non assisted pull-ups, push-ups, squats, leg raises, single-leg squats, and other gymnastics strength related exercises), before adding in more specific weighted exercises (where we know technique can slip if adopted to early in the mix). Our ability to modify and scale exercises (based on where participants are currently at) all comes with our coaching experience and helps make a big difference to seeing everyone progress.

Benefits of our Modbod Teens Program:

1. Helps Teens grow into their newly acquired bodies by focusing on key exercises to help improve movement patterns and prevent injuries
2. Improves overall strength & fitness levels
3. Keeps Teens stimulated, working hard towards goals, overcoming challenges and keeps them in a routine (gets them away from the games and screen time)
4. Teaches proper technique, improves posture as well as core strength
5. Helps build a solid foundation in strength and movement that can help transfer across to other sports & activities
6. Positive mental health benefits and social aspects to exercising in a class environment
7. Helps build lean muscle-mass
8. Experienced coaching

Modbod Teens Pricing

A membership provides your Teen with access to unlimited classes per week as well as training all year round (i.e not just restricted to the school terms)! There’s a 3-month minimum term (to help encourage consistency and achieve results), before reverting into a month-to-month rolling contract. We’ve made it very easy for you to cancel your Teen’s membership at any time (post the initial minimum term) by simply sending an email to info@modbod.com.au and our team will take care of it straight away.

If you’re not sure how much your Teen can commit or you’d just like them to attend once a week, then our 10 session class pass is the next best option (this is effectively the same as paying term fees). The 10 class pass has a 3-month expiry and can be used across all Teens classes both during the school term and holiday periods.

10 Session Class Pass
$26010 classes / School Term and/or Holidays
  • Valid for all classes available on the timetable
  • (3-month expiry)

Class Caps & Booking In

  • Just like our Adult programs, we are using the Mindbody App to facilitate all online purchases, electronic payments, memberships, and class bookings
  • Booking into classes (via the app) helps ensure we maintain an adequate ratio of students to coach (as well as track attendacne). We believe having no more than 10 Teens per class will help ensure all sessions are productive and everyone is being coached to their full potential so results are achieved.
  • Prior to purchasing a membership or class pass, we recommend sending us an email to info@modbod.com.au to let us know which day(s) your Teen will most likely attend to make sure there is room available (and avoid any overcrowding). Although there is flexibility to attend different classes, we would prefer if the Teens had a set day(s) that they stick to (which will help us with numbers and ensure more kids can attend classes and not be subject to a waiting list.
  • Memberships must be purchased online via the website or Mindbody (and not via the app). You can use the app to purchase the 10 Session Class Pass and book into classes.

Approved Active Kids Provider

We are an Approved Active Kids Provider which will reduce your Teen’s costs by $100 or $200 over the year (offered twice a year by Service NSW – January and July). Simply register for the Active Kids voucher online and provide us with the 16 digit voucher number (as well as your Teen’s full name & date of birth) so we can redeem the voucher on our end and charge you the difference.


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