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Strength, Mobility and Confidence

Our Teens strength program (similar to our adults) ultimately helps teenage kids build a body that’s: stronger, more flexible, leaner, more confident and capable of anything!

Experienced coaching, structured programming, scalability and integration with adults, all helps to provide your teen with a solid foundation that can sets them up for life!

We stay away from the types of training and exercises that might break the body down. We are all about longevity here at Modbod.

Don’t forget that as your teenage child currently grows into their adult body, now is the time to teach them correct technique, fix their posture, strengthen their core and ensure they’re using the correct muscles in their body when exercising. We all know how tough those teenager years can be for many (particularly nowadays when everyone’s on social media). Encouraging teens to step away from the online games and get them working towards achieving specific goals in the gym, can be very rewarding and build one’s confidence and self esteem!

Modbod Gym is a family friendly environment where kids come to train from as young as 18 months too as old as 75 years of age. It’s a place where mum, dad and their teens can all come and train in the same class together and feel safe, secure and comfortable (we have no big egos here).

Class Options for Teens

Functional Strength Class

Times: 5:30pm Monday and Tuesday

Note: We also run a strength and Condition class on a Wednesday at 5:30pm which Teens are welcome to join, and we also have Teens joining in our early morning adult classes as well. So plenty of options available (not just the Monday and Tuesday afternoon).


A 60-minute strength based program designed to help your Teen build a body that’s strong, flexible, lean, mobile and confident.
Our program is a hybrid of gymnastics strength training coupled with weighted exercises, prehab and flexibility. This type of unconventional training will often give you the best results.

Functional strength exercises largely consist of full body movements which target multiple muscles during a single exercise – especially your core.

Our Functional Strength Class is the perfect place to start for Teens, as it slows things down and helps them learn good technique and develop better body awareness.

Benefits of our Modbod Teens Program:

1. Helps Teens grow into their newly acquired bodies by focusing on key exercises to help improve movement patterns and prevent injuries
2. Improves overall strength and fitness levels
3. Keeps Teens stimulated, working hard towards goals, overcoming challenges and keeps them in a routine (gets them away from the games and screen time)
4. Teaches proper technique, improves posture as well as core strength
5. Helps build a solid foundation in strength and movement that can help transfer across to other sports and activities
6. Positive mental health benefits and social aspects to exercising in a class environment
7. Helps build lean muscle-mass
8. Experienced coaching

Costs Overview

Most of our Teens attend on a school term basis, so similar to our kids programs, we will invoice the parent for the remaining weeks in the term. A full 10 week term is $280 (prorated to starting week).

Some of our teens come to multiple sessions, so they purchase the membership option (which makes it more economical and can come all year round (even school holidays).

First step is to come and trial, then we can sort the rest out from there.
All trials need to be booked in.

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