Kids Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Information

  • – Saturday: 1-3pm or 3:15-5:15pm
  • – Sundays: 11:00-1:00pm

Note: Flexibility exists during the school holidays
*The later Saturday session is only an option if the 1pm time slots gets filled

  • – All birthday parties go for 2 hours in duration – which includes 90 minutes in the gym and 30 minutes in the party room (for food and cake as well as pick-up)
  • – The 90 minutes in the gym includes structured activities, games, circuits, learning and plenty of FUN!! We can tailor it to all levels (no gymnastics experience is required).
  • – There will be no one else in the gym at the same time (no classes or other birthday parties will be running at the same time). This provides you with access to the entire gym and makes it more private for you!
  • – Our experienced professional coaches will guide the kids through a series of really fun activities that will have them walking away thinking it was the best party EVER!!
  • – Minimum Age is 4 years old, although we have catered for 3 year old birthday parties and just reduced the time in the gym from 90 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • Party Room: This is a designated area just for birthday parties in one of our Mezzanine areas of the gym. We will provide tables, chairs, and table cloths as well as a few decorations to make it all look and feel special! No food is to be eaten outside of the mezzanine room or within the 90 minutes of gym fun!
  • Coaches: Pending numbers, there will always be two coaches on deck
  • Other: We also have a fridge, microwave and sink that you can utilise as well
  • – Food
  • – Birthday cake
  • – Napkins, cups, plates etc (we do have some spares if you forget or run short)
  • – Water bottles (good idea)
  • – name tags (if you’re really organised)
  • Saturday Rates
    • – $450 – which includes up to 16 kids -> (this equates to $28/child)
    • – For any extra over the 16 threshold, there will be an extra $20/child (up to a max 30 kids in total)
  • Sunday Rates
    • – $500 – which includes up to 16 kids -> (this equates to ~$31/child)
    • – For any extra over the 16 threshold, there will be an extra $22/child (up to a max of 30 kids in total)
  • Deposit: $100 (non refundable), which secures your spot (date & time)
  • When do i pay the remainder? Full amount (less deposit paid) will be due the week of the birthday party. This way it provides the extra time needed to finalise numbers and adjust the invoice accordingly
  • What if i cancel? No refunds are given if cancellation within 24hrs of the party
  • We want to preserve the main part of the gym (i.e keep it clean and free from food scraps and any other damage). We realise that kids can be unpredictable at times, and for this reason we ask the host parents to be present at the party for the entire duration, ensuring food isn’t distributed until the 90 minutes of gym fun finishes.
  • Once the 90 minutes of gym fun is up, kids will not be permitted to play in the gym again (this becomes a supervision and safety issue and we certainly don’t want kids being sick from jumping around after eating). Our coaching team will be either setting up for the next birthday party or cleaning up the gym.
  • All kids attending the birthday party must be picked up by the 2 hour mark (i.e during the final 30 minutes that’s designated for food and cake).
  • Our coaches are paid until 15 minutes after the 2 hour booked period. Any party that runs over or late to leave the gym, which results in the coach staying back or delaying cleaning duties, may result in an extra charge to cover staffing costs. We ask you to be mindful of this situation, without feeling rushed to get out. We appreciate your help and consideration here.
  • All take-away slices of cake (if taking home) must be wrapped up or in a container (and not just on a napkin). We have had incidents where lose cake has fallen onto the nice gym carpet on the way out (resulting in extra cleaning expenses).
  • All customer parking must be on the street only. The only exception to parking in the complex is staff and the birthday party host (i.e you the parent), so you can unload the car and then get everything back in after.
  • You can click on the button below to download our Birthday Party Invitation template which comes as an interactive PDF. You can then digitally fill in all the blanks (handy feature of the interactive PDF), and then electronically send them to all your guest or get them printed out.

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