Gym for Kids

Strength, Movement, Play

Modbod Kids is all about helping your child move better, get stronger and learn various gymnastics skills with sound technique.

Although we’re a registered gymnastics club (affiliated with Gymnastics NSW), all our programs are non-competitive based and still offer small & adequate student-to-coach ratios.

This makes Modbod Kids unique (vs other gymnastics clubs), by helping solve a very important problem for many parents – i.e a program that strikes the balance between constructive learning and having fun!

The embedded culture at Modbod helps pave the way to ensuring your child learns, shows improvement and gains all the benefits gymnastics has to offer (i.e strength, mobility and skill progression), without having to be crammed into unnecessary large groups or go down the path of training numerous hours as a competitive gymnast.

Our structured and disciplined classes will help your child not only build the strength, mobility & skill of a gymnast, but also have them demonstrate each exercise with proficient technique through our hands-on experienced & accredited coaching team. We may be a smaller gym, but we’re big when it comes to these very important value adds and doing it the Modbod way!

Overall, our programs are a combination of gymnastics, strength, movement and fun, with classes offered from as young as 18 months of age and upwards.


Under 5’s Programs

All three of our Under 5’s programs are movement based and designed to help develop the whole child – socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. Positive movement experiences can influence a child’s outlook on physical activity for life! We provide a safe & structured environment for your child, coupled with stimulating and challenging activities. This helps enhance the learning process whilst keeping it fun!

Kindy Gym

Ages: 18mths-to-3 Years olds

Class Times: 9:30am (Tues/ Thurs)
8:45am Saturday 


  • A 45 minute class where both the parent (adult caregiver) and the child physically participate together – making it a very unique component of Kindy Gym.
  • The program focuses on a large variety of activities & exercises that help develop and improve your child’s fine & gross motor skills.

Mini Active Bods

Ages: 3-5 Year olds

Class Times: 10:45am (Mon/ Wed/ Fri)
9:30am (Tues/Thurs)
10:30am (Tues/Thurs)
8:45am/9:30am/10:15am (Saturday)


  • A 45 minute class that keeps the kids moving through fun gymnastics based circuits, whilst working on specific exercises to help improve their gross motor skills, strength, balance & coordination.
  • This program will also help your child improve both their social skills (focus, listening & working in a group) and physical skills (jumping, climbing, rolling, swinging & handstands).
  • Typical program structure includes:
    • Warm-up (song and/or activities) (10 min), guided circuit rotations (30 min), cool-down & farewell (game) (5 min)
  • Although parent participation is not mandatory, we still encourage parents to participate both directly (to help avoid bottlenecks) or indirectly (show encouragement to the kids).

Junior Gym

Ages: 4-to-5 year olds

Class Times: 10:45am (Mon/Wed/Fri)
9:30am (Fri)
8:45am (Saturday)
9:30am (Saturday)
10:15am (Saturday)


  • A structured 45 minute class that is very similar to our Mini Active Bods program, however the children will now begin to perfect basic gymnastics skills.
  • In preparation for school, parent participation is no longer required, however, we encourage parents to watch the progression of their child throughout the term.
  • It is possible to assist in the development of the whole child by providing an environment where the child may creatively explore and practice skills safely in order to increase self-confidence and self-esteem.

Recreational Gymnastics Programs

Gymnastics Fun

Ages: 5-7 year olds

Class Times:  Girls – 3:45pm (Mon/Tues/Wed)
          – 9:30am (Saturday)
Mixed – 3:45pm (Wed/ Thurs)
          – 10:15am (Sat)
Boys – 3:45pm (Wed)


  • Gymnastics Fun is just that. FUN! If kids are enjoying what they’re doing, they’re more likely to want to do it again…and again! We do very well at striking the balance between having fun vs. actually achieving something (i.e learning a new skill and getting stronger in disguise).
  • Gymnastics Fun focuses on the fundamental movement patterns that will help kids to then progress into more advanced skills or activities.
  • Each class runs for 45 min and incorporates strength, flexibility, handstands, cartwheels and basic gymnastics skill work (utilising the trampolines, bars, beam and floor)!
  • Overall Gymnastics Fun is a great recreational program for kids to get started with! It helps kids ease into a new environment (that’s a little more fun) before transitioning across to one of our other programs – Gymnastics Skills or Acro & Tumbling.

Gymnastics Skills

Ages: 7-10 year olds

Class Times: Girls – 4:30pm (Mon/Tues/Sat)
Boys – 4:30pm (Wed), 4:00pm (Thurs)
Mixed – 4:30pm (Mon)


  • A fun and engaging 60 minute skills-based recreational gymnastics class, that focuses on the important building blocks – skill progression, strength, flexibility and handstands.
  • Not only will the kids be working towards new and exciting skills across various apparatus (i.e trampoline, floor, bars, rings, beam etc), they’ll also be working equally hard on improving their core strength, basic movement patterns, body awareness and technique.
  • This is a good pathway for all our Gymnastics Fun kids as well as for any kids older than 7 (no prior experience is required). The pathway from this program is to our Gymnastics Strong program (or one of our Intermediate Tumbling based programs).
  • Research shows that children who develop these movement skills are far more likely to get involved in sports and recreation throughout their life.

Gymnastics Strong

Age: 7-to-11 Year olds 

Class Times: TBD

Class Times:


  • A structured 90 minute class that focuses on skill progression, building strength and improving key gymnastics foundations.
  • The kids will work towards mastering new skills – handstands, basic tumbles, somersaults on the trampoline, support swings on parallel bars, ring skills, and support work on the pommel horse/mushroom.
  • This is a great way for your child to gain access to all the benefits of competitive squad gymnastics without all the competitive pressures!
  • Currently offering this program to boys only (subject to change as interest grows)

Girls Acro & Tumbling Programs

Beginner Acro & Tumbling Classes

Age: 5 – 8 year old girls

Class Times: 4:30pm (Tues/Wed/Thurs)
11:00am (Sat)

Class Times:
4:30pm (Tues/Wed/Thurs)
11:00am (Sat)

About: This 60 minute class is designed to help the girls learn, develop and master the basics of tumbling, such as handstands, cartwheels and backbends/ walkovers.
There’s also a strong focus on strength & flexibility – which go hand in hand when training these important skills (which are the building blocks for future progression & success). The Beginner class is a great pathway from the Gymnastics Fun program as well as serving a welcoming place for newbies to get started with as it pertains to their tumbling journey.

Beginner Silver Acro & Tumbling Classes

Age: 7 – 10 year old girls

Class Times: 4:30pm (Tues/Wed/Thurs)
 9:30-11am (Sat)
 11:00am (Sat)

Class Times:
4:30pm (Tues/Wed/Thurs)
9:30-11am (Sat)
11:00am (Sat)

About: This 60 minute class is designed to help the girls consolidate on their basic tumbling skills and begin to work more challenging skills such as side aerials, round-offs, handsprings (front & back), somersaults and back walkovers (if technique is sufficient). There’s a strong focus on strength (core, lower & upper body as well handstand strength), which go hand in hand when training these important skills (which are the building blocks for future progression & success). The Beginner Silver class is a great pathway from the Beginner class as well as serving a welcoming place for newbies that have some basic tumbling in place but looking for more help with their technique (for example – might be a dancer looking for further help in a fun and non-competitive environment).

Key value adds:

Intermediate-to-Advanced Acro & Tumbling Classes

Age: 9 – 15 year old girls

Class Times: 5:30pm (Tues)
5:00pm (Thurs)
10:30-12pm (Sat)

Class Times:
5:30pm (Tues)
5:00pm (Thurs)
10:30-12pm (Sat)

About: This 60 minute class is designed to help the girls work towards more challenging skills such as side & front aerials, round-off back handsprings, back somersaults and other tumbling or acro related exercises.
There’s still a strong focus on strength (core, lower & upper body as well handstand strength), which go hand in hand when training these important skills. The Intermediate-to-Advanced class is a great pathway from the Beginner Silver class as well as serving a welcoming place for newbies that have sufficient basics in place (and or meet the age requirements) and looking for further help on their tumbling skills (in a fun and non-competitive environment).

Strength & Movement Programs

Little Active Bods

Ages: 6 -11 Year olds (School aged kids)

Class Times: 3:45pm (Mon/Tues)

Class Times:
3:45pm (Mon/Tues)

About: A 45 minute class designed to help your child build solid strength foundations across their core, lower & upper body. This is a structured program that predominantly uses bodyweight strength exercises to not only get your child stronger, but also help them learn new skills as well as helping them feel more confident with their other activities.

This program is largely tailored towards boys which enables us to push them hard and stay on top of good technique (i.e with exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, handstands & specific core exercises), whilst balancing it all out with an element of fun through learning specific gymnastics skills like handstands, cartwheels, somersaults and specific exercises on the rings or bars.

Class structure:

Modbod Kids Program Pathway Overview

Modbod Kids Timetable (Term 2, 2022)

Term 2, 2022 classes will commence Tuesday the 26th of April and run for 10 weeks (last session will be Saturday the 2nd of July)

Kids Discount

Siblings discount – second child gets 10% off, 3rd child gets 15% off, 4th child gets 20% off

Membership & Insurance

In 2022, all kids enrolled in a term based program will need to pay an annual Insurance, Rego & Membership fee of $70/ child. This will cover the child for personal injury insurance during the calendar year, and anyone joining a class in term 4 will have a slightly reduced fee.

Modbod Kids affiliated with Gymnastics NSW in Mid-2021, allowing the business to become a registered gymnastics club. This helps us with ticking some very important boxes, which include:
1. Adequate Gymnastics Public Liability Insurance
2. Accredited gymnastics coaches (and ensuring all staff are up to date with their first aid, Working With Children Check, Child Protection and other educational courses provided by Gymnastic Australia)
3. Personal injury insurance for all kids that take part in any of our programs (subject to paying a one off annual insurance fee).

Why must every child be insured?
Under our Gymnastics Public Liability Insurance, all kids are insured for up to 30 days (which means holiday programs, birthday parties and trials are all covered). However, when a child goes beyond the 30 day period (such as in the case of a term program), they must have personal injury insurance in place (which is an extra one off costs that we need to charge for and then transfer across to Gymnastics NSW).

What is Personal Injury Insurance?
It’s designed to offer some peace of mind to club members (i.e the kids) by having protection for certain costs related to injury sustained whilst involved in any gym activities. Coverage is split into 3 components:
Capital Benefits – claimable in the event of death or permanent disability
Non-Medicare Medical – provides reimbursement for items that are not claimable in any way though Medicare. However due to government legislation the Medicare Gap cannot be claimed.
The following expenses are generally covered: physio and chiro treatment, dental treatment, ambulance transport, private hospital treatment
The following are not covered: Doctor’s fees, X-rays, public hospital costs, surgeon ‘s fees (which are all generally covered by Medicare)

Approved Active Kids Provider

We are now an Approved Active Kids Provider which you can use to claim $100 off your child’s term fees. Simply register for the Active Kids voucher online and provide us with the 16 digit voucher number when filling out our sign up forms (which is done at the gym).


Kids Birthday Parties

Have your child’s fun & amazing birthday party with us! Check out the link below for more information.

School Holiday Workshops

We offer a variety of specialised workshops to not only help keep your child active and moving, but also help them learn new skills, get stronger and have fun! For more information about our school holiday workshop programs (dates, times, costs, bookings and workshop specifics) please refer to the below link.

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