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Strength, Movement, Play

Modbod Kids is all about helping your child move better, get stronger and learn various gymnastics skills with sound technique.

Although we’re a registered gymnastics club (affiliated with Gymnastics NSW), all our programs are non-competitive based and still offer small and adequate student-to-coach ratios.

This makes Modbod Kids unique (vs other gymnastics clubs), by helping solve a very important problem for many parents – i.e a program that strikes the balance between constructive learning and having fun!

The embedded culture at Modbod helps pave the way to ensuring your child learns, shows improvement and gains all the benefits gymnastics has to offer (i.e strength, mobility and skill progression), without having to be crammed into unnecessary large groups or go down the path of training numerous hours as a competitive gymnast.

Our structured and disciplined classes will help your child not only build the strength, mobility and skill of a gymnast, but also have them demonstrate each exercise with proficient technique through our hands-on experienced and accredited coaching team. We may be a smaller gym, but we’re big when it comes to these very important value adds and doing it the Modbod way!

Overall, our programs are a combination of gymnastics, strength, movement and fun, with classes offered from as young as 22 months of age and upwards.

Key Upcoming Dates

Monday April 29th – Term 2 (2024) classes begin
Saturday July 6th – Term 2 (2024) classes finish
Monday June 10th – Public Holiday (Gym closed)
Tuesday June 11th – Term 3 Priority Rebooking Opens
Wednesday June 26th – Term 3 Priority Rebooking Closes
Thursday June 27th – Term 3 enrolments Open to non-members
Saturday July 6th – Term 3 classes finish
Monday July 8th-12th – Week 1 of School Holiday Programs
Monday July 15th-19th – Week 2 of School Holiday Programs
Monday July 22nd – Term 3 classes begin
Saturday September 28th – Term 3 classes finish

Under 5’s Gymnastics Programs

All three of our Under 5’s gymnastics programs are movement based and designed to help develop the whole child – socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically. Positive movement experiences can influence a child’s outlook on physical activity for life! We provide a safe and structured environment for your child, coupled with stimulating and challenging activities. This helps enhance the learning process whilst keeping it fun!

Ages: 22mths-to-3 years olds

Class Times:  Monday: 9:45am
Tuesday: 9:30am
Wednesday: 9:30am
Thursday: 9:30am/10:30am
Friday: 8:30am/9:30am/10:30am
Saturday: 8:00am/8:45am


  • A 45 minute class where both the parent (or adult caregiver) and the child physically participate together – making it a very unique component of Kindy Gym.
  • The program focuses on a large variety of activities and exercises that help develop and improve your child’s gross motor skills, confidence and spacial awareness.

Welcome and warm-up (songs and activities) (5 min), group time and guided circuits (25-35 min), cool-down and farewell (songs and activities) (5 min)

  • Safety
  • A greater rate of development, due to the child feeling secure in a known friendly and supportive environment
  • Expanded learning opportunities through continual follow-up activities by adults
  • Gives the parent an opportunity to provide greater support to their child’s development

Ages: 3-4 Year olds

Class Times:  Monday: 10:45am
Tuesday: 9:30am/10:30am
Wednesday: 9:30am/10:30am
Thursday: 9:30am/10:30am
Friday: 10:30am/11:30am
Saturday: 8:00am/8:30am/9:45am


  • A 45 minute class that keeps the kids moving through fun gymnastics based circuits, whilst working on specific exercises to help improve their gross motor skills, strength, balance and coordination.
  • This program will also help your child improve both their social skills (focus, listening and working in a group) as well as physical skills (jumping, climbing, rolling, swinging, bouncing and getting upside down).
  • Typical program structure includes:
    • Warm-up activities (10 min), guided circuit rotations (30 min), cool-down and stickers (3-5 min)
  • This is a non-parent assist class, so kids will learn to be independent and expected (once settled in) to do the class without a parent being involved. If a child still needs their parent beside them, we recommend them doing our Kindy Gym program. We understand that kids trialing and joining a class for the first time can be a little daunting, so we do encourage parents to help settle their child in and then slowly revert to the sidelines to let the coach take control.

Ages: 4-to-5 year olds

Class Times:  Monday: 9:45am/10:45am
Tuesday: 9:30am/10:30am
Wednesday: 9:30am/10:30am
Thursday: 9:30am/10:30am/11:30am
Friday: 9:30am/10:30am
Saturday: 8:00am/8:45am/9:45am/10:30am


  • A structured 45 minute class that begins to challenge kids to learning basic gymnastics skills and key body shapes, balanced with exploring fun circuits and activities.
  • The pace is generally quicker (vs Mini Active Bods), and we really enjoy teaching these kids gymnastics and getting them ready for our school aged programs (as focus and listening skills steadily improve with age).
  • This is an independent non-parent assist class, although we encourage parents to watch the progression of their child throughout the term and give them plenty of encouragement.
  • It’s possible to assist in the development of the whole child by providing an environment where the child may creatively explore and practice skills safely in order to increase self-confidence and self-esteem.

Ages: 4-5 Year olds

Class Times:  Monday: 11:45am
Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri: 11:30am


  • A structured 45 minute class that focuses more on teaching basic tumbling skills (handstands, cartwheels, back bends and somersaults into the foam pit), coupled with basic strength and lots of fun circuit activities.
  • This program strives to get kids ready for our school aged acro and tumbling programs and still incorporates bars, rings, trampolines etc, to mix it up and provide a fun balanced program overall.
  • Extra time is given to body preparation and skill development and run with a structure very similar to our school aged kids.
  • This is an independent non-parent assist class.

School Aged Recreational Gymnastics Programs

Ages: 5-7 year olds

Class Times: Monday: 3:45pm (girls)
Tuesday: 3:45pm (girls)
Wednesday: 3:45pm (girls)
Thursday: 3:45pm (mixed)
Friday: 3:45pm (mixed)
Saturday: 10:15am/11:00am (mixed)


  • Gymnastics Fun is just that. FUN! If kids are enjoying what they’re doing, they’re more likely to want to do it again…and again! We do very well at striking the balance between having fun vs. actually achieving something (i.e learning a new skill and getting stronger in disguise).
  • Gymnastics Fun focuses on the fundamental movement patterns that will help kids to then progress into more advanced skills or activities.
  • Each class runs for 45 min and incorporates strength, flexibility, handstands, cartwheels and basic gymnastics skill work (utilising the trampolines, bars, beam and floor)!
  • Overall Gymnastics Fun is a great recreational program for kids to get started with! It helps kids ease into a new environment (that’s a little more fun) before transitioning across to one of our other programs – Gymnastics Skills or Acro and Tumbling.

Ages: 7-11 years

Class Times: Monday: 4:45pm
Tuesday: 4:30pm
Thursday: 5:00pm


  • A fun and engaging 60 minute skills-based recreational gymnastics class, that focuses on the important building blocks – skill progression, strength and flexibility.
  • Not only will the kids be working towards new and exciting skills across various apparatus (i.e trampoline, floor, vault and bars), they’ll also be working equally hard on improving their core strength, basic movement patterns, body awareness and technique.
  • This is a great program for any girls looking to balance the tumbling component of gymnastics (which is represented more in our Acro and Tumbling classes), with more work on bars and other apparatuses.

Ages: 6-12 years

Class Times: Monday: 4:45pm
Tuesday: 4:45pm
Wednesday: 4:45pm
Thursday: 4:00pm


  • A structured 60 minute skills-based gymnastics class, that focuses on the important building blocks for boys gymnastics – strength skill and progression.
  • This program is very similar to our Little Active Bods Program – it’s designed to help your son build a stronger body as well as improve their mobility, body awareness and confidence whilst having fun learning new gymnastics skills.
  • Typical Structure:
    1. Warm-up, stretch, body tension and preparation work, core strength and handstands (15 minutes)
    2. Rings, P-bars, High Bar and Mini Tramp Skills (15 Minutes)
    3. Floor and Vault skills (i.e handstands, cartwheels, basic tumbling)(15 minutes)
    4. Trampoline skills (15 minutes)
  • Similar to Little Active Bods, this program is the closest you’ll find to your son actually being a gymnast without having to compete, have any competitive pressures and commit to more than one session a week. Our current boys enjoy being challenged, can see the benefits of getting stronger and learn about respect and good behaviour.

Ages: 5 -12 Year olds (School aged kids)

Class Times: Monday: 3:45pm (60 min)
 Tuesday: 4:00pm (60 min)
 Wednesday: 3:45pm (60 min)
 Thursday: 4pm (60 min)


  • A structured 60 minute strength and movement program, designed to help your son build a stronger body as well as improve their mobility, body awareness and confidence.
  • The program is balanced with key gymnastics/bodyweight strength training coupled with learning new skills and having fun on the trampolines. The boys will complete 3 rotations each session, with each rotation comprising of a strength component (part A) coupled with a skill component (part B):
  1. Part A: Typical strength rotations include:
    1. Rings flow, parallel bar support work, pull-ups and push-ups
    2. Hanging leg lifts and lower body strength
    3. Core specific exercises and handstand variations
  2. Part B: Typical skill rotations include:
    1. P-bar swings, ring exercises, bar work, mini trampoline
    2. Trampoline and foam pit skills (somersault and basic jump variations)
    3. Kick to handstands, cartwheels and other key foundations
  • This program is the closest you’ll find to your son actually being a gymnast without having to compete, have any competitive pressures and commit to more than one session a week. Our current boys enjoy being challenged, can see the benefits of getting stronger and learn about respect and good behaviour.

Ages: 7- 12 Year old boys

Class Times: Monday 4:45pm


  • This 60 minute class is designed to help boys learn and progress specific tumbling skills such as cartwheels, round-offs, back and front handsprings and somersault variations.
  • There’s a strong focus on strength and flexibility, which go hand in hand when safely training these fun skills.
  • The difference between the Boys Tumbling and the other boys programs is the following:
    • Boys Tumbling Program: There is larger focus and allocation of time spent on teaching tumbling foundations and learning new tricks on the floor and trampolines
    • Other Boys Programs: Smaller focus on tumbling skills, as time allocation is spread across bars, rings, strength and other boys apparatuses.

Girls Acro and Tumbling Programs

Age: 5 – 7 year old girls

Class Times:  Monday: 4:00pm/4:30pm
Tuesday: 3:45pm/4:30pm
Wednesday: 3:45pm/4:30pm
Thursday: 3:45pm/4:30pm
Friday: 3:45pm/4:30pm
Saturday: 8:15am/9:15am/11:00am/12:00pm


  • This 60 minute class is designed to help girls learn and master handstands, cartwheels, round-offs, back bends, walkovers and somersaults into the foam pit.
  • There’s a strong focus on strength to help build stronger bodies that can stay tight, agile and in control when performing each skill and exercise.
  • The girls will utilise the air tracks, floor and trampoline set-ups for all their tumbling skills, as well as bars, rings, wall bars, boxes and other equipment for their strength and ancillary work.
  • Overall, this is a great program for our Gymnastics Fun kids to graduate into as well as any child (aged 5-7) looking to get started with learning the basics.

Age: 7 – 11 year old girls

Class Times: Monday: 4:45pm (60min and 90min class options)
 Tuesday: 4:45pm (75min class)
 Wednesday: 4:45pm (60min class)
 Thursday: 4:45pm (60min and 90min class options)
 Friday: 4:30pm (60min class)
 Saturday: 60 Minute Classes (11am and 12pm),
 90 Minute Classes (9:30am and 11am)


  • This 60-90 minute class is designed to help girls consolidate on their basic tumbling skills and begin working more challenging skills such as round-offs, handsprings (front and back), somersaults (front and back) and side aerials (pending where each child’s foundations are at).
  • There’s a strong focus on strength (core, lower and upper body), which go hand in hand when safely training these important skills. A body that lacks strength, leaks important energy that can help keep one’s body more controlled and efficient when learning and practicing key gymnastics skills.
  • We have recently added more 90 minute Beginner Silver classes to help bridge the gap between this program and our Intermediate Acro and Tumbling program.
  • Overall, this is a great program for our Beginner Acro and Tumbling kids to graduate into as well as any child (aged 8-10) looking to learn the basics or be challenged more. We typically have 2 coaches on most of these classes which help with varying abilities.

Key value adds:

no more than 10 girls per coach (some classes are smaller) allowing for plenty of hands-on and attention for detail

Tumbling & bouncy trampoline into a large foam pit, air tracks, boulders & other back/front handspring spotters, bars, boxes, crash matts, mini trampolines, spinet boards and other helpful tools to enhance the overall experience.

emphasis on good foundations and technique in place, as well as spotting the girls where needed

Age: 9-14 year olds

Class Times: Monday 5:30pm (60 min)
 Tuesday: 5:15pm (90 min)/5:30pm (60 min)
 Wednesday: 5:30pm (60 and 90 min classes)
 Thursday: 5pm (90 min), 5:30pm (60 min)
 Friday: 5:30pm (60 and 90 min classes)
 Saturday: 10:30am (90 min)

About: This class is designed to help the kids (girls and boys) work towards more challenging skills such as side and front aerials, round-off back handsprings, back somersaults and other tumbling or acro related exercises.
There’s still a strong focus on strength (core, lower and upper body as well handstand strength), which go hand in hand when training these important skills. The Intermediate-to-Advanced class is a great pathway from the Beginner Silver class as well as serving a welcoming place for newbies that have sufficient basics in place (and or meet the age requirements) and looking for further help on their tumbling skills (in a fun and non-competitive environment).

Modbod Kids Timetable (Term 2, 2024)

Term 2, 2024 classes start Monday the 29th of April and finish on Saturday the 6th of July.

Siblings discount – second child gets 10% off, 3rd child gets 15% off, 4th child gets 20% off

In 2024, all kids enrolled in a term based program will need to pay an annual Insurance, Rego and Membership fee of $55-to-$80/child based on the enrolled program. This will cover the child for personal injury insurance during the calendar year, and anyone joining a class in term 4 will have a slightly reduced fee.

Modbod Kids affiliated with Gymnastics NSW in Mid-2021, allowing the business to become a registered gymnastics club. This helps us with ticking some very important boxes, which include:

1. Adequate Gymnastics Public Liability Insurance
2. Accredited gymnastics coaches (and ensuring all staff are up to date with their first aid, Working With Children Check, Child Protection and other educational courses provided by Gymnastic Australia)
3. Personal injury insurance for all kids that take part in any of our programs (subject to paying a one off annual insurance fee).
Why must every child be insured?
Under our Gymnastics Public Liability Insurance, all kids are insured for up to 30 days (which means holiday programs, birthday parties and trials are all covered). However, when a child goes beyond the 30 day period (such as in the case of a term program), they must have personal injury insurance in place (which is an extra one off costs that we need to charge for and then transfer across to Gymnastics NSW).
What is Personal Injury Insurance?
It’s designed to offer some peace of mind to club members (i.e the kids) by having protection for certain costs related to injury sustained whilst involved in any gym activities. Coverage is split into 3 components:
Capital Benefits – claimable in the event of death or permanent disability
Non-Medicare Medical – provides reimbursement for items that are not claimable in any way though Medicare. However due to government legislation the Medicare Gap cannot be claimed.
The following expenses are generally covered: physio and chiro treatment, dental treatment, ambulance transport, private hospital treatment
The following are not covered: Doctor’s fees, X-rays, public hospital costs, surgeon ‘s fees (which are all generally covered by Medicare)

Please Contact Us Here For More Information Or A Trial Class

Free Trial Terms and Conditions

Free trials are currently being offered in Week 1 of Term 2 (Monday the 29th of April to Tuesday the 7th of May), as well as Week 10 of Term 2 (Monday the 1st of July to Saturday the 6th of July). All trials outside of these weeks, will be classified as paid trials and the class session rate will apply ($26 for 45 minutes, $28 for 60 minutes and $38 for 90 minutes). Conditions for a free trial include; parents getting back to us post trial(i.e. telling us if they’d like to secure their child’s spot or not for Term 1); having every intention to enrol for Term 2.

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