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What Our Members Say


“I was walking around with almost chronic back pain before starting. After 2 weeks of classes, I was amazed that the pain had disappeared! Most sports tend to break you down and what I like about the classes are that it builds you back up!”

Martin Barnes
Dell Computers


“For the general public the classes are a great for building strength and mobility. The older you get the less mobile and strong you get, so the classes help with maintain and increasing strength & mobility in a well-structured manner (programs for everyone).”

Sally Stevenson
Mum of 3 Children


“If you’re looking for something that’s going to work well & complement other sports that you do, then the strength, flexibility & conditioning work we do is all very beneficial for you.”

Ryan Coombs
Personal Trainer

What our clients say

I’ve Been doing this programme for a few years now and can say I’m the fittest and strongest I’ve been, especially as I have a bad back. The focus on good technique by Ben leads to an outcome of feeling great physiologically all over, which is rewarding as you get older!

Craig Wotherspoon

A Excellent class that combines great strength exercises for building muscle and later followed by a conditioning workout that really gets the heart rate up with a whole range of different exercises.

Jack Hawkins

I’ve been coming to Ben’s classes for the last two and a half years and I’m very grateful for all that I’ve achieved during this time. I am 48y.o now and I can say that I’m fitter and stronger than when I was 20 y.o. All thanks to Modbod program. The combination of strenght, mobility, endurance and Ben’s personalised service makes this program the best program for the whole family. Now I bring my two teenage daughters along to train with me. Thanks Ben and the Modbod team for your help.

Yezzit Rincon

Really amazing coaches and atmosphere. Very supportive, challenging and they really keen on seeing progression from athletes. The vibe is amazing, can’t recommend enough if you want to improve mobility, calisthenics, power, strength and coordination. 20 out of 10! It’s like a family.

Kike Correa

Ben is an awesome and very dedicated coach, I’ve been training with him regularly for the last 8 months and am seeing incredible results and constantly getting stronger!

Emma White

Great for any level of fitness and ability; whether you are looking to get fit or improve flexibility or learn some flips. Ben is highly professional and an experienced coach with excellent facilities and ability to cater to a wide range of needs/goals. Also great if you want to get an extra edge on those martial art skills!

Siobhán Sho-von

I’ve done two classes with Ben now and am loving it! Ben is a very thorough coach, he really takes the time to give individual tips and coaching to everyone in the class. If you want to progress your gymnastics, whether for another sport or just general body awareness and conditioning, definitely give Handspring a go!

Kaisa Qvist

I’ve been coming to Ben’s classes now for a couple of months and have to say that I’m a convert! Don’t get to train as often as I’d like but better some than none! Physically and mentally challenging but even though I’m usually spent by the end, I don’t have the muscle soreness that I used to get with weight training. This is a an activity that really teaches you how to reconnect with your body/mind and Ben’s knowledge and good nature, make him an easy trainer to relate with. Two thumbs up from me and have set a few goals for the year. Thanks Ben!!

Clayton Levi

I had my first class today and loved it!The amount of hours I have sat in this gym watching my daughter and wishing I could participate and now I can. Ben was great, very passionate and great demonstrations. Great core exercises and I learnt some good techniques for getting some hip mobility back. A great start to the week!!

Rachel Villegas

I’ve been attending Ben’s Handspring classes for around 8 months now. I started coming once a week and enjoyed the community atmosphere, fun activities and strength gains so much that I now try to attend 4-5 times if possible. Ben’s attention to detail, vast knowledge of fitness and the human body, communication skills and his caring nature make his classes highly effective and addictive. Since joining my upper body and core strength and conditioning have grown exponentially. I’m smashing goals and the positive effects have flowed on to everything else in life.
Ben has created something very special and I’m sure anyone interested in getting fit in a fun and social environment with a smart structure would be very hard pressed to find something better than Handspring.

Mike Norsa

Awesome classes. I have improved my strength and mobility immensely over the last 9 months.

Ellie Orton

Best adult gymnastics program evet. Ben is the best. I’ve improved a lot since I started 5 months ago. Highly recommended.

Yezzit Rincon