3 Tips to help your Kipping Toes-to-Bar efficiency in Open Workout 20.2

3 Tips to help your Kipping Toes-to-Bar efficiency in Open Workout 20.2

Initial Thoughts for Open Workout 20.2:

Open workout 20.2 is now underway, and it’s all going to come down to moving efficiently through all movements, pacing your self from start to finish and keeping a good rhythm for the entire 20 minute workout!

The volume is going to add up immensely over the 20 minutes – so don’t be fooled by the small reps and be forced to going unbroken to then only have this backfire on you deep into the workout!!

Remember that LESS IS MORE!!!

Lets put things into perspective:

The stronger competitive athletes (who put in some serious time & preparation and most likely contenders for the Games) are hitting 24+ rounds (for an average split time per round of 40-43 seconds). Whilst the non-games level athlete is getting anywhere between 10-20 rounds.

So you don’t have to be an expert to see how quickly the volume starts adding up! Hence it’s important to understand what type of athlete you are and make a plan of attack before you start. Don’t forget that this is a long 20minutes, as you will be moving through these rounds fairly quickly (contingent on your movement efficiency of course)!

3 Tips to think about when coming up with a strategy for 20.2 (including T2B):

  1. Break things up on the T2B early if you think you cannot do 6 unbroken the whole way.
  2. Grip is a major component. Keep a secure, but relaxed grip on all implements.
  3. Do not attempt to do movements faster than your normal cadence.

3 Efficiency Tips for T2B:

1. Jumping to the bar correctly (getting the take-off right):
– Make sure you’re right under the bar when you jump, and simultaneously catch the bar with your feet up at a 45 degree angle (ready to then push your feet backwards)

2. Pulling down on the bar when bringing your legs towards the bar:
– The more aggressive you are with pulling the bar down towards your feet (i.e using some lats and upper-body strength) as you start coming from extension (feet are behind) to be in front of you, the quicker you will get your toes to the bar and also stay in the correct rhythm!

3. Show good extension to the back (every rep) by pushing through your arm pits and head:
– Before you bring your feet to the front and pull down the bar to get you feet up, it’s really important to maximise your swing potential by showing good extension to the back (push your head through, open up your shoulders and keep your legs as straight as you can)

Don’t forget to check out the video above for all these tips put into perspective!

Good luck in the workout if you are taking part!

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